How our Flex Customization System (FCS) Works


Custom products are usually expensive and time consuming to make for a client. Papermotion FCS is the first customization system designed for video professionals work flow.

FCS allows you to provide your clients a fully custom product that takes minutes to make, costs as little as $57.50 to make and you can sell for $250-$400.

How it Works

Debossed areas on the front and back cover allow you to flush mount custom printed stickers as the need arises. Order Papermotions in bulk for the best pricing and then quickly customize them yourself and charge clients for the added service.


  • Flexible: Customize as the need arises

  • Affordable: Less than $2.50/item to fully customize 10+ units.

  • Easy: It takes under a minute to apply stickers

  • Quality: Front cover custom area size is optimized so 1080p video frame prints at photo quality 300 pixel/inch.


Step 1: Order Papermotions

Order Branded or Full Custom Papermotions in higher quantity to get best pricing and save on shipping costs.

  • Covers arrive blank

  • Debossed areas allow you to customize later


Step 2: Layout Artwork

Use the templates below to layout your artwork. Front Cover 6” x 3.5” & Back Cover 2.5” x 2.5”


Step 3: Order Stickers

We suggest ordering stickers from our partners at Stickermule. You can get a $10 credit on us if you don’t already have a Stickermule account. We love Stickermule because they have…

  • High Resolution 1440 dpi Printing: Photos or 1080p video frame look great

  • UV laminate: Scratch and fade resistent

  • Affordable: $15/10 Front cover stickers, $9/10 Back cover stickers

  • Fast & Free Shipping: Arrives in ~1 week


Step 4: Apply Stickers

It takes less than 1 minute to apply stickers and you can re-position them if you make a mistake. They will adhere permanently over night.