Great Ways to Use Your First Papermotions


We always suggest the first thing Partners do with Papermotion is to put it in the hands of a friend or spouse and ask them  “What do you think of this?”. Don’t tell them anything before hand, just watch their natural reaction.

Getting honest feedback from those closest to you is always a good idea. We want you to have confidence in how much clients will love Papermotion. The more confidence you have the better you will be able to sell it to them.

Here are four high impact things Papermotion Partners do with their first devices...

1. Bring to a client pitch meetings loaded with sample work as a sales tool and to gauge interest level.

Some lines that Partners have told us work well with their clients are...

“Would you like one of these with your package?”

Simple and direct.

“Do you think your parents might like this as a gift? We offer Parent Packs.”

Has helped Partners sell more addons.

“If you sign the contract in the next two days I will include a Papermotion.”

Has helped Partners close sales.

“If you upgrade to the next package level I will include a Papermotion.”

Has helped Partners get clients to upgrade package levels.

2. Gift to your favorite clients as a thank you and record their reaction or collect their feedback. Reaction videos and client quotes can be a great marketing asset to sell future clients.

Here is a recent example from one of our Partners...

Reaction Video:

“We received our hard drive and the Papermotion gift in the mail today, and it truly made our day!! I can't get over how beautiful the custom box is for the hard drive, and I LOVE the Papermotion folder with our highlight video! I didn't even know something like that was possible. Working with you has been absolutely wonderful...I am already recommending you guys to everyone I know in CA, and I'll get our excellent reviews posted on Wedding Wire and The Knot this weekend as well. Please let me know if there is anything else we can do to help spread the word for you guys, because we just can't thank you enough.”

3. Give to venues and planners loaded with videos of events you have done with them.

This has generated new client referrals for our Partners.

4. Put a marketing video on your website or do a social media post. This has helped Partners generate interest and also sell to previous clients. We have videos and photos you are welcome to use or shoot/edit your own.

Download Papermotion marketing videos and photos here:

Here are some recent examples of marketing pieces other partners have created if you want to get some ideas…

Uncommon Weddings Marketing Video:


Humming Meadow Productions IG Post:

Timeline Video Productions IG Post:

If you have other great ways you are using Papermotion we would love to hear them, shoot us an email at

If you need to order some more devices for your next event you can do it here.

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